24 Jun 2013



I know I haven't updated in a few months so I thought I would stop by and drop a quick update for all my followers. I have finally finished my college Make-up and Hair course and I am just waiting to hear if I have passed or not, pretty sure I have :) Instead of going on to the Level 3 I was told to apply straight for Uni as this is what I was going to do after college anyway and I got in, had my interview at the begging of this month and got my letter to say I am in last week, wheyyy start in September can not wait!! I am doing Special Effects make up :) My other little bit of new is that I have changed my hair to natural colors to grow it over summer, I am really missing my pastel rainbow hair but I do like my current hair :)

Before hair, I miss this!!                                                                               New hair, for now!! :p

Peace & Love
Roxee Horror

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