2 Jul 2013

Garnier Summer body

Summer Body

So as it is meant to be summer, although the sun is still in hiding! I have decided this year that I am going to have a tan, I have spent years being pale and hiding my skin away from the sun, and now I have decided I would like to be a little golden brown. As we have not got much sun at the moment and I will not be going away abroad this year I have decided to tan my tanning into my own hands, I was going to go on the sun beds and did once but then thought I would rather do it a more healthier way, I had a go at some fake tan just on my legs to start to see what the color looked like and it actually did nothing. So as of yesterday I have started using Garnier Summer Body to gradually build up a golden brown tan, when I start becoming a little browner I will do a review and post up some pictures of before and after and how long it took etc.... For now here is how white my arms and legs are haha

Peace & Love
Roxee Horror

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