2 Apr 2013

1920s Inspired Makeup

I thought I would give you one quick post before I go to bed on a makeup I did a few weeks ago. I turned my lovey friend Sarah into a beautiful 1920s styled doll. Here is a before of Sarah with minimal normal makeup on. 

And then after applying the makeup and doing finger waves in Sarah s hair this is what I transformed her into. 

I started this look by doing the eye first as they are quiet a heavy covered eye and I did not want to get any fall out onto the foundation so it was alot easier to do the eyes first. Firstly I used Painterly by Mac it is about  £15 in the Mac store and comes in alot of different colours, I like to used this Bare Study as I used it as a primer underneath any eye shadow as the shade sits better on the lid. I then used a beige color I have in a color pallet I bought for about £6 of ebay, I find any cheap shadows can be good as long as you have a good primer to put them over the top of. I then used Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack on the lid along the lash line and quickly smudged it out across the lid repeating untill the whole lid is over as

showen above, whne do this you have to work quickly as the Blacktrack can dry quiet fast. To set the Fluidline I just a coat o black eye shadow over the top of it and created a smokey blended effect around the edges of the black and also smoked the black under the bottom of the eye.

After the eyes I cleaned up and fall out and used Mac C1 Face and Body foundation on Sarah's skin as she is quiet pale and I wanted the look to be quiet pale anyway, as this was just a simple 1920s look I did not do any contouring I just added peach blusher on the apples of her cheeks, a redish pink lipstick by Barry M in the shape of a giggle lip and filled in the brows added mascara and pined her hair up at the back and did finger waves in the front.

If anyone would like me to do a video tutorial of this look please leave me a comment and I will be happy to do so. I will leave some more pictures at the bottom of this look, I hope you liked it, please let me know if there is another
way in which you would prefer to see me post my tutorials and explanations of looks I have done. Also my friend Sarah's is also a studying MUA and has her own page please follow her at.....Sarah Catherine Blair

Thanks for reading
Peace & Love
Roxee Horror 


  1. love this post and the tutorial xx
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  2. Thank you V :) Please follow me for more to come :)