22 Oct 2012


Happy Halloween 
Its Halloween in 9 days and I can not wait!! 
Hopefully going to see Frankenweenie this week and 
then next week I will be doing Halloween Make-up in college on actual Halloween, 
then I will be going on the train with all my Halloween Make-up on, 
alone to go out with my friend in Manchester that night. 
I also have planned a Halloween night out with all my friends in Liverpool on Saturday 3rd :)

Here are some of my pictures from last years :) 
This one was on the weekend of Halloween, me and my best mates went as the girls from Marilyn Manson's Mob scene video
This was on Halloween night, I went as a dead samurai school girl :) 

This year I am going as Alice in Wonderland with a twist, 
what is everyone doing for it and what are you going as?

Peace & Love 
Roxee Horror

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