22 Oct 2012

Make-up Studies

Hello Lovelies :)
So As I said in my last post I am now studying to become a Make-up artist and I am loving it!
Each week I do two different looks in college and I will post them both up at
the end of the week. I have been there for a few weeks now so Ill post up 
what I have done so far :)
Week 1
It was introduction week so we just messed around with bruises etc... 

Week 2
The second week we just did a natural look but I learnt how to properly apply Foundation, 
and how do a cleanser.

Week 3
3 colour blend with Dark purple, a lighter purple and pink, and a white highlight under the brow. 

Week 4
Dark blend for night look, with brow highlight.

Week 5
This week we where told to do a thin eye-liner and any hair style we want
then change it into a thicker liner
Then we had to change that into a face paint of owe choice, I chose a creepy doll as
my client had the perfect face for it! 

Week 6
This week we did two in one lesson as we have now gotten fast at apply the foundation, 
this look was for theatre make up, for when the client is under bright lights. The make-up would
not look as harsh as it does here, I have contorted the nose, chin, under chin and cheeks.
After blending in the contorted lines from the above photo I added blusher, pink lip stick
and eye make-up, I took the inspiration for the eye shadow from the pink and purples
of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. 

Week 7                                       For our last week before half term we had to bring a picture of any Make-up style that we wanted to do, I found this one on face book. Mine on the left is not as perfect as the one on the right done by Glitter Girl C But I am quiet happy with my version as my first go :)

So this is what I have learnt over the past 7 weeks i college, 
I will as of next friday (2nd) post what I have done up 
at the end of every week.

Peace & Love 
Roxee Horror

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