23 Aug 2012

Memories for a friend (Mikefest 2012)

This Monday just gone (20th Augusts) was a year that my dear friend Mike Hammond (pictured above)
passed away. So I went out with friends to some of the spots we used to hang out, there must of
been 30 to 40 of us out it was amazing! Mike was an amazing person that touched the hearts of may
people and on 27th August (this bank holiday Monday) his amazing Mother Joyce Hammond and
family are holding a charity event in our home town to help raise money and awareness for 
PAPYRUS. It is going to be an amazing event and Mike Mother just like him is an amazing
and brave person to be putting this event on in memory of her beautiful son! My heart goes out for
Joyce, her family, my friends who had the pleasure like myself to know such and amazing,
loving, talented person! And my heart goes out to other families and people that have
gone though the same thing as this! 

☮  Peace & Love ☮ 
Roxee Horror

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