23 Aug 2012

Home away from Home

So last week I went to St Ives, I had an awesome time! It is my fave place in England, me and boyfriend
and a couple of friends go every summer. We drank lots of Scrumpy, went to the Scrumpy farm,
got very burnt on the first day on the beach as we didn't think it would be that hot so didn't but
sun cream on, had a fire on the beach with some drinks, my friend surfed, we made friends with a cat
that was round our camp-site, we named her Leslie aha. We went on a coastal stroll which ended up
being a 3 hours trek which the guys where aright with as they are all very tall and did not have to
climb the massive rocks like I had to, we went rock pooling, we took a boat ride to a small Island
called Seal Island and there where about 30-40 seals there and even 1 or 2 baby seals it was amazing.
We went to the pub which Johnny Depp went to when he filmed Pirates of the Caribbean. 

It was heaven spending 5 days away from home, but now I am back in the real world, sorting out a 
new flat that I should hopefully be in next week, I start college on the 3rd September, I decided to go
and do Media Make Up and I am so excited to get started! All I need now is a proper job, and I am
going to be starting the gym when I am all settled in :) Oh and I AM also going to learn how to drive
this year!! Can not wait to get the ball rolling and get all this started, and I cant wait to get posting
up my make up creations that I will be doing in college so watch out for them :)

☮  Peace & Love ☮ 
Roxee Horror

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