23 Aug 2012

j'adore Dip-Dye hair

I not long go dyed my hair blonde and I am already bored of it so started looking at dip
dying it. I wasn't sure what colour and style I wanted it so here are a few styles I liked,
I love the green one with pink dip but I am not ready to dye the rest of my hair yet
same with then Lilac and Mint one, this look if defo going to be my next when I cave in 
and end up dying the rest of my hair aha. So after looking at loads and loads and loads
of pictures I decided it would be wiser to look at what hair colour I have instead of spending 
more money which I shouldn't on more hair dye which I don't need. 
These are the colours I found and chose:
I used Aquamarine at the top, Indigo Blue in the middle and mixed a small drop of Fire to the Indigo Blue
to make purple for the bottom. Here is how my extensions turned out.
What do you think? They are different length so the bits that look like they are dyed higher
up do blend in when they are in my hair. 

Peace & Love ☮ 
Roxee Horror