13 Jun 2012

Well needed update!!!

Hello Followers
Sorry for such a delay on updates, and challenge's I know I said I was going to do some
before I went to Download but I had no time at all! I had to take my Cat's to a Cattery as 
no one could look after them, I had to go and buy a new bra because all like 20 of mine
have broken, gone missing or are just too small now, then the bra I picked up was the wrong size!
Had to wear a push up bra around Download! Embarrassing! So 100% this week going to get 
all my challenge's done! Start a new one and follow it! Also next week I am starting to get fit
so you can all help me with tip's and stuff please! I want to lose 1 stone by August! I have some 
picture's from Download to post up and a whole big story on what happened there!! WAS CRAZEEE
I have pictures of a few outfits and some nights out to post up to :) And a crazy video me and my friend 
Becky did hehe :) So keep a look out :)


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