3 Jun 2012

First Review


I know this was out in 2008 but I have watched the first season in full for the first time this week so I decided to do a review of what I think so far. I was sceptical about this series at first as I am not really into the typical girlie girl TV programmes, my favourite is Heroes aha :) But as I have finished that now I decided to give 90210 a chance, also I love Shannen Doherty because I used to watch Charmed when I was longer. 


Annie -  Up to yet I am not sure if I like her or not, I think she is either playing it sweet to be friends with everyone or she is just pretty boring :p Ahah I don't like the fact that she went out with Ethan not long after he broke up with Naomi, she should of stuck with Ty he was hottt . I do love the end episode tho when she calls the police on Naomi's party and goes a little crazy can't wait to see what she does in the next one maybe she is going to explode like Liam says :) 

Naomi -  I am not a fan of her at all, ohh she does my head in ahahah. I think she is a evil bitch, who likes to get her own way but if she doesnt she goes to far with getting people back and burns bridges like there is no tomorrow! When she has been hurt by her friends she goes 100 times worse to where there is no way I could ever be friends with her if she did this things to me. I cant wait to see what happens between her and Liam and her sister (I did feel sorry for her the).

Silver - I ablouslty love Silver! She is by far my fave upto yet!! I feel so sorry for her when she finds out she has Bi Polar, and I just want to hug her and tell her its ok :P hehe. She reminds me of myself in many ways, apart for how pretty she is :) I think she could do alot better than Dixon and nooooo don't go for Ethan!!

Adrianna - I loved the whole story with Aid but I don't know if I like her either, I did feel so bad on her at the end but think it was the best way to go with the story! I love the way she got called Juno that was cute, I hope her and Navid last as they are cute and I can see me getting to like her more if they do :)

Dixon - I keep going on ad of Dixon, I think he means well but he get's in little strops like a child ahah, and the thing with Silver I don't think he is good enought for her, I know he is young and went through it all with his mum but it seems like he doesnt have the time for Silver, and even tho Ethan should be of limits I can see him being better for her than Dixon

Navid - He is super cute, an lovably! But seems like he is too old for himself and I think he needs to slow down and let loss for abit, I hope him and Aid stay together as they are cute.

Ethan - I do like Ethan, but I think he is really sensitive and like he is hiding something, I think he will be good for Silver but he is abit of a bike ahahah. I have a feeling he is going to turn out gay hehe 

Liam - Ooohhh Liam! HOTTT HOTT HOTT defo the type of guy I would get mixed up with ahaha naughty but nice :P I love his bad boy attitude but also love his sensitive side, and muscle :P hehehe I would love to see him and either Silver and Annie together. But not Naomi!! Stay away ahaha I feel bad that Naomi's sister tricked him!! (what a bitch) But he is a bad boy for cheating altho she didn't tell his secrets. Cant wait to see what happens!! 

Tabitha, Debbie & Harry - I love Tabitha she is so funny! Debbie is lovely and a hot momma, and Harry oohhh Harry is it wrong that I find the Dad hot!! hahaha 

So there is my mini review, I cant wait to see the next season going to make some dreads and start watching it now :)



  1. Nice review! I watch 90210 as well :)

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    keep posting and go for it!


  3. Thank you :) Yeh she did, she is still pretty kwl and hot tho :) Thanks for the comments :)

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