13 Jun 2012

30 Day Challenge about me

So about 33 Days ago I started this so I have decided to just finish this lot all at once now as I have been 
totally rubbish and not able to keep up. Sorry :(

Day10: Where are you from
I was born in Warrington but lived most of my life in Runcorn, I have also lived in Liverpool, Widnes and Manchester.

Day11: How old are you
I am 25 (but I look and act about 14:P), my birthday is 13 April :)

Day12: Sibilings
I have a little brother named Art, who just turned 18 this week, yes there is 7 years different my Mum and Dad wanted about 12 kids but I was a wild child! Ahaha :P

Day13: Someone you miss the most
There is not just one person sadly, My Grandad past away nearly 2 years ago and I miss him so much, he was the best Grandad you could ever have :) I have him to thank for my love of Rock music :) A dear friend to my family and my Dad's best friend pasted away around 8 years ago he was like an uncle to me and I still miss him dearly! And a very close and good friend of mine past away in November and I still think about him every day and miss him so much :'( Ooo that made my cry a little 

Day14: Someone you love
My boyfriend of nearly 5 years :p Andrew Mines, love him so dayum much! I have alot to thank him for and I could actually not imagen where I would be now without him!! Sorry for the Cheese :P ahah

Day15: Favorite store
We it used to be Pulp, but I don't shop there any more.....long story, But my fave makes are Iron Fist and Drop Dead I just can't afford them ahaha

Day16: Describe yourself
I hate when people ask you to do this! Especially in interviews, I feel big headed and who actually know's what they are like to people! Erm, well I like to think that I am funny, down to earth, exciting, I am very excited ahaha bout everything! 

Day17: Celebrity crush
Where do I start!! Ahahah At the moment I am totally crushing on 
Chris Hemsworth (Thor), I love Tom Hardy, Johnny Depp, Synister Gates from A7X, Ollie Sykes (I don't care what you say :P), Tom Delonge! And my all time fave Celeb is MICHEAL CERA!!! He is perfection <3

Day18: Favorite band/singer
Another list to make ahaha, Well my ALL TIME FAVE!! Are Blink 182 since I was 12!! Avenged Sevenfold, Alexisonfire and Lady Gaga.

Day19: Favorite song
I have two! They are cheesy..... Tiny Dancer: Elton John and The Chain: Fleetwood Mac :P But As I seen them on the weekend I am loving No Problem: Chase & Status.

Day20: Favorite quote
I never thought about this but erm.... I love lyrics like "Don't worry be happy, coz every little thing is gonna be alright" and "Seize the day", "Legend Never Die", "you don't need to hide my friend, for I'm just like you"  

Day21: What your crush/bf/gf looks like
Well, he is about 6ft, brown curly hair thats longer than mine, he is skinnier than me, and has greyish/bluey/greeny eyes. He is dayum hot :P

Day22: What you look for in a person
Defiantly someone who tells it like it is, I don't like it when people keep there feelings all bottled up! Funny I love funny people, someone that can just talk about anything and everything but has strong feelings and beliefs, i do love shy people to tho its so cute :)  

Day23: Your best friend, and why?
I have two Anna and Helen we are the three musketeer's ahaha :P I don't see them as much anymore but they are so fun to be around and we just go wild ahaha. But I also have a good friend Jen, we dont see much of each other anymore but when we do its like we have never been apart :) 

Day24: Person who knows everything about you
My Mum, I tell her everything :) And my boyfriend want if the point in keeping secrets :) 

Day25: Last time you cry and why?
A few questions up thinking of my lost ones, but other than that last night when I was watching Gavin and Stacey ahahah I am so emotional I cry at anything ahaha

Day26: Thing you love to do
Going to see bands, hanging out with my friends and boyfriend, sewing :) 

Day27: Favorite Boy name and why?
Well I am calling my first son Leacy after my Dad's friend, but I have always liked the names Adam and Josh I dunno why.

Day28: First concert
Well my first Concert was 5ive :P ahaha and my first ever gig was Killswitch Engage, Chimara, Shadows Fall and Godforbid, I was about 14/15 and it was mental ahaha I remember being so knackered and beaten from going in the pit that I just collapsed on the floor outside after for abit ahaha  

Day29: Your birthday
13th April 1987, this year it was on friday 13th aahaha :) I had an hawian party was awesome :) 

Lol well this is another silly question! I don't love myself as in full of myself but I do believe you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. I love my name, I could'nt imagen being called anything else, I love my Mum, Dad and Brother as they are just the coolest family you could ask for (they breakdance and my Dad is a graff artist :) I love my friends and family and I love my boyfriend and he loves me so I must be doing something right :) 

So I have FINALLY done it, it took a while but I got there
in the end, I hope it isn't to boring for everyone, feel
free to leave me a comment and ask my any question you like :)


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