13 Jun 2012

30 Day Challenge Finally finished!

So as I said on my other one, I am rubbish and 
didn't keep this up so I am going to get it all don't now!
Hope you like :)

14. Cute socks
I have these cute anchor socks but I never wear socks I hate them, I mainly wear tights but if I am wearing none I don't wear socks, I just don't like the way they feel ahaha

15. Your newest purchase
I just bought a long black maxi skirt :)

16. You and someone wearing matching clothes I don't have the same clothes as anyone I know so I would say this is the closet thing to wearing the same clothes, be and my bf about 4 year's ago ahaha we look so stupid ahaha.

17. An article of clothing that you made or altered Not the best picture or dress in the world, but I made this dress, it was ment to have more diamonds around the bottom and have more shape to it but I was push for time when I decided to make it. It was for a Burlesque night I went to for my friends b.day in leeds. 

18. A piece of jewellery that you made I am trying to start up my own small business so I make jewelry this is one of the necklace I have made. 

19. All your earrings, rings, necklaces and/or bracelets It would take me so long to sort all my jewellry etc so here are just some of my faves :)

20. Your jewellery box
It is just a plain, plastic box with 3 draws and Hello Kitty sticker's all over it. 

21. Something that you only wear around the house
My primark Panda oneis, although I did wear it around download! It was freezing!!! 

22. Something you are going to buy this summer
Loving vertical stripes at the moment so going to buy myself this skirt and probs my first every maxi dress :)

23. An article of clothing/ accessory that you consider lucky
I don't have one :/

24. Your favourite pair of shoes

These are my fave shoes but they are falling apart after only having them since April! So I am going shoe shopping tomorrow I think :)

25. Shoes you love but hardly wear I love these shoes but I have NEVER worn them outside the house!! ahaha One day one day!!

26. An mismatched outfit that you’d never wear I may of posted this already but I dunno, I don't think I would actually ever wear this out in public maybe a fancy dress ahaha 

27. A hat 
I love this hat, but I can't fine it anywhere this is a really old picture of myself haha

28. An outfit you are ashamed to 
say you wore I know to some people I might not look that bad but I look like a total barbie/wag wannabe!! Do not like it at all! I live my dress, heals, and jewelry but hair and hat an nails!! NO NO NO! This all together is just not me at all!!

29. Something that is your favorite brand
My Iron Fist shark vest! I love Iron Fist and I love this vest! It is always my safe option if I don't know what to wear :)

30. Something from your favorite store
Well Iron Fist is one of them but I didnt want to be boring and just have the vest as it so I got this from my old fave stor Pulp. 


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