20 May 2012

Lilac Love

Hello lazy Sunday bloggers :) Is everyone hung over and trying to recover with junk food like me?
So today I decied to paint my nails to go with my new lilac hair, at the moment I am in love with lilac! I am going to download festival in 2 weeks and I am thinking of doing my hair in Lilac and black dreads so I don't have to bother with it. I am also in the middle of making a long black dress and I think I am going to buy a lilac shirt.
Trendy B*tch
This will hopfully be my complete outfit after making my skirt and then i will buy all of these items after I get back from download! What do you think? I am in love :)


  1. sounds cool post a pic of your dress when your done? do you make dreads yourself or you dreading your real hair... i was supposed to be working at download with my dad this year but cldnt get time of work i wonder if you'll see his stall x x

  2. It was a skirt I dont know why I said dress ahaha, I will post some picture up of it tomorrow :) I looked online at houw to make dreads from hair exentions so I am going to try that this week aswell :) I will do a post of it if it works :) What is his stall? This is my 5 year does he have it there every year? I used to work at festivals to :) xx

  3. oh sounds cool i was looking at getting some braid in dreads... umm he sells loads wicked staff and hes been doing download for at least 5 years he's got a grey afro! haa and sells skull dresses n bags voodoo dolls san quentin tops tutu's fairy dresses cds n vinyl etc etc. are you going to any other festivals this year x x

  4. Yeh thats what you do with them, make them and then braid them in :) I am gonna have a try this week been so busy. Ill will look out for him while I am there :) I am hopfully going Leeds :) Are you? I used to work at festivals to :) xx

  5. oh wicked post a pic if u do them? im intrigued what colours will ya do your dreads? hopefully going to reading as thats closer to me the line up is wicked this year like most years im like theres a few bands i wanna see but this year there is soooooo many but the prices of tickets are crazy money compared to what it used to be( i sound like an old lady!).... what dye do you use on your hair? ur latest hair pic looks soooo pretty loves it xx sorry for all the questions