26 Oct 2012

Hello World :)
So Halloween is fast approaching and I have been practising my make-up.
This was my first attempt without eye make up, I was just practising my liquid latex
wound out, it is ment to look like I have been scratched by a large cat. 
I need to practise bledning the latex in more as it is different to my skin colour.
This was my second attempt, my blending is alot better on this one but still needs work,
I added what I may have my eyes like, I love the blue one but wanted the purple, pink
one as I want to look like I am turning into the Cheshire Cat, the wound it's self tho
looks alot better it looks better and more gory.

So tell me what you think, let me know of any tips you have for liquid latex
and please post up links of any idea's you have had for Halloween

Peace & Love
Roxee Horror

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  1. great for Halloween:)check my new post!:)