2 Aug 2012

Galaxy Nails

Hey Followers
So I though I would do a nail post as my first post back, I have just done these 
awesome Galaxy nails today using some on-line tutorials and some awesome nail varnish. 

The first tutorial I used was by a Miss Jen FABULOUS, she shows you and easy 
step to step tutorial where you can follow her along while doing your own nails, it
is super easy and looks amazing when done. I used different nails varnishes, as I didn't 
have the exact ones that she had, and also I used a glitter that was a lot stronger as 
I wanted more of a starry look.

 The second one I used was iiamjelly, I used this one simply because I wanted more of
a starry effect, so I looked for a tutorial with a star design on it to see how it looked before
butting them straight onto my nails myself, as I tend to go over board and add to much and ruin them ah.

So I hope you love these nails, please feel free to send me link of your nails I love trying out new things and send me a picture if you try these out to :)
Peace & Love
Roxee Horror


  1. Hi Roxee, lovely nails! I'm contacting you from www.redrockfashion.com, we've been looking through your blog and we love your style. We're currently looking for some great bloggers to work with us, if you'd be interested please contact us on sophieredrock@live.com thanks xx

  2. Hiya Kiran, thanks for the lovely msg I have sent you a email response.
    I look forwards to hearing back from you :)