7 May 2012

Pastel nails

So I watched a tutorial on pastel nails and decided that I would have a go myself, I have done mine matte
as I do not have any clear nail varnish at the moment, I think they look a lot better with a coat of clear nail varnish for shin over the top. 

Nail Varnish 
Barry M Crakle Nail Polish £2.99 Boots, Rimmel Nail Varnish a give from a friend, Avon Nalish varnish 4 for £10 and Glitter nail varnish £15 for a nail art set on ebay.


Obviously I need some practise but this is how they turned out, you paint on your first layer then dab on the other colours you would like with tissue or a sponge, I put a coat of glitter other my second finger in to make it look a little different. Tell me your thoughts. 

Kawaī ai takusan no
Roxee Horror

Link to tutorial


  1. love the colors you've used! Going to have try this xxx

  2. Oh thank you so much :) I would have loved for them to be shinny tho, or a better finish but as my first try I think it looked pretty cute. Thanks for the comment, this is my first one :) May I asked how you found my blog, I don't know how to publicize it more and get more views. I Love your blog, I shall be following it :) xxxx

  3. great colors I have the same mint shade from Avon:)))

  4. btw.I would love to follow your blog I just cannot see how:)can u tell me?:)

  5. This was my friends Avon nail varnish, but I do love the shade so I am going to but some myself I think :)

  6. I have but a new followers gadget on my blog if you would both like to follow me :) xxx