8 May 2012

Latest Blog Crush

So my favorite blog at the moment is murderotic, Angelica is cute "Goth" (as most people would say) girl with excellent style and awesome hair. Her blog consists of photo's of her every day workout fits(she works as a make up artist for MAC!!!!!!!!!!), general outfits, hair tutorials, make up tutorials and Vlogs of her life (she is so funny :) The main reason her blog got my attention was her hair, I love hair and dyeing my own so many colors but I mainly end up staying with two styles, straight or curly, and then I came across Angelica's video for her "Big poofy ball"  hair style.
I through it was so cute that I would have a go myself. 

Mine I think was not as pretty as Angelica's but I will work on it, and I also do not have the cute bone tiara so used this on that I got for a friend for a birthday. I did this just before I was going to be and my boyfriend looked at me crazy when I was teasing all of my hair up haha. I didn't use any hair spray, but I definitely advice to just it to keep all of the hair together in the bun.

I also deiced to try and make a new cute hair style also similar to one of Angelica's hair styles. 
Two small messy bushy pigtails, with my Hello Kitty ears. Also after trying out these styles I think I am going to cut my fringe shorter, dye my whole fringe dark purple and dye my roots dark purple to. 
Thanks for Reading

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  1. Thank you, I don't think these photos to it justice, it alot more like the colour of my background on here, and my frige is full dark purple now :)