21 May 2012

Life decisions

So I am 25 and still do not know what to do with my life, I know I want to be a Fashion Designer but I would also love to be a Make Up artist, so I am now debiting whether I should go into Media Make up or go and do a Fashion Course in Uni. I have already done a Fashion course in college for 2 years, but it is proving hard to find a job without an University degree in Fashion. What does everyone think? Is anyone my age and doing this or have done this at my age, I think am starting to get a little old for going Uni and college now, what are everyone's thoughts?



  1. I'm 25 and a pretty new make up artist, only been doing it 2 years, it's never too late!!

  2. I guess it isn't, and if I don't start now then I will never do it :)
    Who are you a Make Up Artist for or do you do all different work? xxx

  3. Roxee im 26 and I recently was thinking that I don't know what I want to do in life. At least you have a vague idea that is a starting point. Wish I had a clue. Better to start sooner than later :-) x

  4. im 23 and am always changing my mind but the idea of being a make up artist has always stuck with me, trouble is for me i never went to college so i have no qualifications in anything... im always looking at make up courses do you know where you would want to go if you did one? sorry that wasnt much help that was just me moaning! x x http://kaymakeupface.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. So I have been thinking and I am going to do it :) I have applied for Manchester and some in Cronton :) Wish me luck :) xxx