17 May 2012

I love Nail Art

Just wanted to put up pictures of nail art I have done in the past, I got a nail art set from ebay for about £12 for xmas from my lovely boyfriend. The make is Gizmo, you get 24 all together, and there is a mix of bright colors, dark's and glitter. The only think I would criticise about them is that they have a normal brush for painting your nails with but I don't think the actual nail varnish is that go or quality to use to paint a whole nail, they are fine for drawing your patterns on with but I would use a good quality nail varnish as a base coat. Also make sure you use clean nail varnish over the top to make the art last longer. I am going to post up new ones I have done as much as I can but here are some that I have done in the past. Please ask if you would like me to do any of these nails again with a tutorial.


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