17 May 2012

3, 4, 5

30 Day about you challenge
Day 3, 4 & 5
Day3: Favorite TV show
Day4: What you want to do before you die
Day5: Favorite place

So I have missed these for the past few days so I will do all 3 I missed today, been abit busy at the moment so I have not had time, I was ment to do some yesterday as you may have seen from my update but something else came up, and I may not be able to get on tomorrow as I have a busy day a head. 

Day3: Favorite TV show
At the moment it has been The Big Bang Theory, I love it I am addicted to it and my fave Character is Sheldon. But I also have a weakness for Hollyoaks! I know its cheesy but I love it! hehe

Day4: What you want to do before you die
Travel the world, after me and my boyfriend have finished our studies we are hoping to go backpacking for a year. :)

Day5: Favorite place
This is a hard one, I have only been California once when I was about 11-12 but I loved it so much I can remember most of it and sort of feel what it was like (I dont know who to explain it but I hope you know what I mean) I am hoping to move there when I am abit older :)


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