17 Jun 2012

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Hello Follower
So I finally went to see Blink 182 on Friday, and it was the best gig of my life so far!!
and I have seen a lot of bands!! I think this is obviously because they are my favorite band EVER! 
But they where really, really good live, Tom Delonges vocals have become so much better since 
the days of Cheshire Cat and Buddha, not that I didn't like his voice then tho :) All american Rejects supported them and from what I can remember they where good, but I pretty much for got about them after Blink came on aha I do remember the singes voice sounding a lot like Brian from Placebo tho, which was strange. I seen them in the Manchester MEN Area, like all band they did there on core where you think they have finished apart from Mark shouted"This is the bit where we pretend to leave" ahaha, when they came back out which to my surprise was about 5mins they where in the middle of the arena on the sound desk, they did two songs there and the Travis did some of his Hip Hop, Dubstep remixes on the main stage it was awesome :) I cant wait to see them again, hopefully going in July to Manchester Apollo which is much smaller 

Here are some goodies I got at the gig, and unfortunately I didn't have my camera :( 



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