18 Jun 2012

Day 5

A picture of your fave memory. 

This is hard I don't really have one fave memory so I 
will just have to put a few up :) 
So I decided to make this collage, there is so many more pictures I would love to have on it but it was getting to big! I have
 numbered them all so will tell you each memory. :)

1. Is from 2010 when I fist went to uni, this was took in the first we in halls. 

2. Again in 2010 in halls, we made a massive can wall in our front room, I don't know how many cans we got up to but it did touch the ceiling in the end. ahah

3. This one is from 2011 I think, my friend had to do different trends and outfit for a shoot for uni, so this is me doing a sort of punky, glamour, night out shoot. I miss my hair like that!

4. I from my friends b.day party a few years go with my good friend Mike who sadly past away last year. RIP Mike miss you so much!! <3 

5. This is me and my friend Helen at a burlesque show in Leeds which I bought tickets for her for her b.day :) 

6. Me and my friend Jenni on a night out, I cant remember much but I know it was an awesome night out ahaha

7. This is the first ever picture of my and my boyfriend Andrew, about 5-6 years ago :) My hair is so funny here aha

8. My Dad and Little brother a while ago I love this picture :)

9. Me and my Mum in 2007 I think, I love this picture its so funny :)

10. Me, brother Art, Cuz Thomas, Cuz Kieran and me. Outside the Beatles muesuim in Liverpool, Kieran lives in America and came over to see us all, was when I was 18! 

11. Me in the back ground with the big hair (I had a perm:) My Mum and brother on the circle line boat around Liberty Island in New York, and you can see the twin towers in the back ground to :) 

12. Me and my Dad in New York when I was about 4 :)

13. Me and my mum in time square.

14. Me and my two best friends Anna (black hair) and Helen (red hair), we went on a random night out to Warrington, which ended up in us consuming a lot of vodka and red bull. Was a funny night. 

15. Me and my good friend Graham (who has moved in with us for two week wooo) at Leeds Fest a few years back, waiting for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs to come on! :)

16. My Nan, Grandad and Aunty. Love this picture of them, was my Aunties 18, my Grandad sadly past away in 2010 miss him so much <3 

17. And this last one if me and my friend Stephy who I haven't seen in ages! Love this picture :) 

I hope you like my pictures :)


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