16 Jun 2012

Day 3

Day 3: A picture of the cast from you favorite show 

This one is hard as I love a few but I have got it down to 
two main show's that I love and can watch over and over. 
The Inbetweeners, I have them all on box set and the film on DVD and they just never 
get old! I watch them when I don't know what else to watch. My fave character is Jay he is
so funny and my boyfriend reminds me a bit of Simon ahaha. I have a friend like each one of these.
Last year me and a group of friends went to see Jay DJ in a club in Manchester was awesome :)
And The Big Bang Theory! I love Sheldon he is so funny, I am going to buy the box set's of
these as well soon :)


(P.S I did these photo posts to schedule on the days they where ment for but it has not worked :( )

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