14 Jun 2012

Day 1

Day 1: A picture of myself with 15 facts
Me and my friend Jen about a week ago 

1. I am terrified of Moths
2. I have blue eyes
3. My natural hair color is mousy brown
4. I am 5ft 2"
5. I have asthma
6. I have 14 piercings & 1 tattoo
7. I love and am addicted to Sushi and Chinese food
8. My fave thing to watch is Anime
9. I love cooking, but I hate the kitchen in my house (can't wait to move out)
10. I have an addiction of buying shoes, even tho I cant walk in most of them 
11. Gary Barlow is my second cousin
12. I shave my eyebrows of and draw them on (but I am currently trying to grow them back ahah) 
13. I am dyslexic (who isn't these days :P) 
14. My fave game is Final Fantasy 7
15. I am actually a total geek :P


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