13 May 2012

Quick update (Friday 11th May)

I written this on Friday but got to drunk when I was getting ready and forgot to post it and yesterday I was really busy and forgot also ahaha

Been busy today, sorting out jobs, money etc.. and now I am back home getting ready to go to a friends house party with the whole flat (Bar 1) Here is my party outfit, what do you think? I am loving this head band at the moment so wearing it again :) I was originally going to wear a dress, but I decided I could not be bothered getting to dressed up. But I am loving my hair tonight I know it wont be like this when I am finished tho ahaha.

 I just had simple eye make up on with purple false Eye Lashes, and black lip stick, then I curled the ends of my hair and made my hair massive :)

I made and sewed onto my coat a large purple diamond patch to the back of my fur jacket and I also sewed on a small Hello Kitty patch to the front.

So I wore my Bring Me The Horizon cannon T shirt, high wasted black shirt, black tights, leopard print creepers and my fur leopard print customized coat.

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