10 May 2012

Here I lie

So I decided to do post of my outfits everyday (if I remember), and today as I was doing my second challenge I decided to just wear my favourite top. My hair isn't the greatest today as it needs washing, but I found a few flowers that went missing of mine and made this cute mini flower garland style head band :) 

My out fit is "Here I lie" Iron Fist shark anchor top, black and white striped leggings, oversized customised cardigan, hand made Roxee Horror's Boutique Horror bow heart necklace and Customised fake creeper fur leopard print platforms. I had a old large cardigan left around that I decided to make 3 Diamond patches for, I sewed a small blue one on the front and a large Blue and medium sized one on the back, I also soon want to add some lettering. My necklace is a item from my Boutique that I hand make and sell, these can be made any colour and with anything written on them and back be with or without a bow these ones are £10. My fake creepers I have added to studs on each outer side, a skull and cross bones gold metal pin on the back of each shoe and a star on the side of the sole. 

Necklace can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/Roxeepuss

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