28 May 2012

Customised Shorts

Here we go :) This is what I have done today, I have inverted cross leggings that where a little to small
for my so I decided to use the material to customise my favorite shorts, now there even better!
I think I am going to make a bow with this fabric to. I am working through a box full of old band 
Tees that I love but what to customise this week, I think there is a few other bits in there to.
If you have a blog with DIY and Customised clothes please leave me a comment
so I can follow you :)

Roxee Horror


  1. That's a really great idea. Shorts look awesome!

  2. :) I love customising clothes, as I dont have the money to buy once that are already do hehe :P These shorts where £5 form primark and the material was leggings that where £5 and I cut up :)

  3. these shorts are so sweet! I am such a huge fan of DIY, and have so many projects in the works! can't wait to see what you make next!



  4. Aww thanks :) I have a few more bits am working on :) Will have some more up soon. Was gonna do it today but my bf has gone to see his rents with the laptop I use for putting my pictures up :/ Boo
    Love your blog xxx